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Vaccines and Titer Testing

Early in a pet’s life they will receive a number of vaccines such as rabies or distemper. These vaccines will boost their immune system and prepare them for contact with these diseases. Usually, a booster is required every year or so to keep the anti-body levels up and this is where the potential for titer testing comes in. Rather than injecting your pet unnecessarily with potentially harmful chemicals, we can run a titer test. If the blood levels come back sufficient, then in theory, we do not need a booster. This reduces the risk of any possible side effects of a vaccine while also determining that your pet is still resistant to these diseases.

The debate is still raging when it comes to the efficacy and potential side effects of vaccines. However titers serve as a way to minimize any potential risk while also reaping benefits. Anti-body titers appear to be a middle ground solution that both ideologies can agree with.
Want to learn more? Ask us about titers during your pet’s next regular check-up.